Market Value Prediction

Market Value Prediction

The Market Value Prediction is an excellent way to determine the value of your property management business.

Market Value Prediction

Many property management business owners don’t know that these businesses can have a very high capital value, which is determined by a Market Based Formula. We have a lot of comparable sales and valuations on file enabling us to determine the value of your business in relation to closely held data.

Benefits of the Market Value Prediction

Knowing the predicted market value of your property management business can be very profitable. The valuation methodology we offer is unique in the property management industry.

Knowing the capital value of a new property under management will give you a good insight into how you can plan for further growth. It will help with business motivation and how much money you can afford to invest in attracting new properties.

The results might indicate you can spend more on your marketing or offer extra free services. It can also identify weaknesses in your business, like secondary income, management fee or fee structure, for example. Benchmarking your business assets against our database will give you an accurate number of your market value.

Manoli Aerakis Malloch McClean Chartered Accountants & Business Advisor

Manoli is a renowned business coach specialising in business development, he will review and mentor the strategic planning, the structure of the organisation, its culture and growth. Many business owners fell into business because they are good at what they do, but have not necessarily learned how to run a business. We help you run a smarter, better business.